drug culture

Synonyms and related words:
a habit, acquired tolerance, acute alcoholism, addictedness, addiction, alcoholism, amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, barbiturate addiction, barbiturism, chain smoking, chronic alcoholism, cocainism, crash, craving, dependence, dipsomania, drug addiction, drug dependence, habituation, nicotine addiction, physical dependence, psychological dependence, tolerance, withdrawal sickness, withdrawal symptoms

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • culture — 1. Here is a word that had mixed fortunes in the 20c, and means all things to all men. There are about 128,000 examples of it (including the plural form and compounds such as culture bound) in the 500 million word Oxford English Corpus (language… …   Modern English usage

  • Drug subculture — This article is about drug subculture surrounding the use of cannabis. For Cannabis Culture Magazine see Cannabis Culture Drug subcultures are examples of countercultures, which are primarily defined by recreational drug use. Drug subcultures are …   Wikipedia

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